Inno Pépites Award
BHC, Jury Prize
5 January, 2015 by
Inno Pépites Award
BHC, Sébastien Dieu

BHC, Jury Prize of the  Inno Pépites Award

The Inno Pépites Award is a prize given by la maison de l'entreprise in Mons, which rewards a company that is particularly innovative in its sector of activity. And the public was also invited to award its own prize after listening to the finalists present themselves.

This year, BHC had the chance to win the Jury Prize and finish second in the People's Choice Award. Bertrand Hanot to present BHC, which offers many services in computer science:

Thanks to its 20 years of experience, BHC was able to present numerous client cases and also to discuss future developments, notably with a project to develop a digital platform for public administrations (SmartCity) based on the Odoo development framework. The product information is not yet fully known, but the name of the project is still under discussion.Antopolis is already circulating in the office of our 15-person SME.