Discover the latest technology (ERP, Odoo,...) to improve your daily business ! 

Increase profitability by digitizing your business!

Digitize my business, why, how and with which partner? So many questions that our client had to face before opting for anOdoo implementation by BHC.

Discover the impact of digitalization on the daily life of this human-sized company!

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Digitalize your company, to make your daily work easily

And increase your productivity 

Facilitate the daily work of your employees by equipping them with powerful and integrated tools. Allow them to collaborate via an ERP or Google Suite, and increase your productivity of your business. Google Suite, and increase your productivity of your business.

Odoo Apps  - An ERP with internal communication tools to avoid losing any exchange with customers, timesheets a tool to track the time spent on a task. All these tools allow you to measure and improve your producitvity. also use the event organization modules or mass mailing of
Odoo to organize at the best your business events.

G Suite  - You must collaborate on a document, discover  Google Drive, a tool for a full collaboration between your company members. Trace who edited the document, assign tasks to your teams,... and optimize your customer documents.

Reporting - Timesheets of your collaborators

Capture d'écran Timesheet Odoo
Capture d'écran module Manufacturing Odoo

Enterprise productivity

Increase your company's productivity by organizing work. Use sales as a basis for planning future productions.

Use the minimum stock rules, the production schedule, launch the production planner and have a higher productivity.

Reporting & KPI's

With just a few clicks, you can have access to reports & KPI's that are useful for the proper management of your company. In Odoo, dashboards can be used to perform analyses on your:

  • Sales

  • Inventories

  • Production

  • Timesheets

  • Purchasing

  • Profitability per project

  • Tasks

  • ...

Capture d'écran analyse des ventes sur Odoo

Odoo Apps

Icône module Absence Odoo



Icône module Communication Odoo




Icône module Gestion d'événements Odoo



Icône module Live Chat Odoo


Icône module Mailing Odoo


Icône Gmail for business
Gmail for business

Icône Google calendar
Google Calendar

Icône Google docs
Google Docs

Icône Google GDrive
Google Drive

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