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Standard Odoo integration, Odoo package, Odoo module customization

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A need, an application!

You don't want to go into a heavy developments and your needs are standard? We have the solution!

Indeed, by using the Odoo application, Odoo we can respond quickly to your CRM needs, invoicing, purchasing management, inventory management, ...

A full functional coverage

Decrease your administrative work and the encoding time of your employees by choosing several packages. By using the standard Odoo, you can quickly cumulate the applications to ensure a total coverage for your business.

Example of installation of package:

Screenshot CRM Odoo

Standard Packs  Odoo

Discover our standards modules and their fonctionnalities


Manage your leads, your contacts, your business opportunity and also discover the reporting tool.



Make your quotes, confirm purchase orders and pull statistics on your customers.



With one click, turn your purchase orders into billing. Also use the billing module to establish your invoices and credit note.



Sell your items using the e-commerce platform, Odoo and benefit from a tool completely integrated into your management tool.



Realize your stock movements as your inventories in one click and benefit from a tool that is perfectly integrated with your company's other modules.



Manage the tasks, deadlines and projects of your employees via a simple and intuitive tool.



Determine your rules, your buying flows and the tool will generate the order flows to the suppliers.


Point of sales

You run a store, a point of sale? No worries, Odoo has a tool suitable for a sale counter (box, touch screen, ...).


Your business, your website



Management software 

Manage your business


Manage your sales