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Digitalised my enterprise, why, how and with which partner? Many questons answered by our customer before choosing an Odoo implementation by BHC.

Discover the impact of a Odoo integration for a company based in Belgium !

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Measure the effectiveness of your business

By using the appropriate tools

In an increasingly competitive world, it is essential for every company to be as efficient as possible. In addition to your employees, a series of tools can also help you increase the efficiency and therefore the profitability of your business. By using a suite of integrated applications, you avoid the time and error of re-encoding between platforms, possible data losses, etc.

Moreover, the work of your employees simplified by the appropriate tools and adapted to their dailies. By combining Google's Odoo and GSuite from Google, you can cover the entire operations of your business. The modules accounting, project management, human resources, inventory management, ... combined with the storage possibilities of Google documents allow a comfortable daily work.

Odoo Apps   - all of your company's operational activities can be measured via Apps Odoo, use accounting, production, project management or timesheets modules to organize, plan and measure your activities.Je veux découvrir Odoo




Capture d'écran du Pipeline module CRM Odoo
Capture d'écran d'un projet dans le module gestion de projet Odoo

Plan your resources

Take into account the availability of your company's resources (human and material) to organize the work to come according to the deadlines to be respected for your customers.

Measure the efficiency of your projects, your production and all other aspects of your business by comparing forecasts with the reality in the field (timesheets, materials used, etc.).

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A great ergonomy for efficient operational management

Make your employees' work easier by using clean views and assigning tasks to the right resources. 

Have a global view of your projects and tasks to be carried out thanks to the kanban view.  Odoo

Capture d'écran avancement projet Odoo

Icône Gmail for business
Gmail for business

Icône Google Calendar
Google Calendar

Icône Google docs
Google Docs

Icône Google drive
Google Drive

Demo GSuite for business

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