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8 February, 2018 by
BHC, Sébastien Dieu

All the administration management at your fingertips

Notify a wild depot, request a birth certificate or passport, manage the municipal taxes and other administrative aspects.

Antopolis helps you to manage all the administration of your municipality in an unified and simple application based on the framework Odoo.


Logo de l'application mobile Antopolis

A solution all-in-one !

Present at the salon des mandataires the 8th and 9th february, we will announce the launchment of a  solution all-in-one for the municipalities and the administrations, Antopolis ! Fully OpenSource and based on the framework Odoo, this innovative, connected and integrated solution meets the needs of the administrations but also of their citizens.

Impacts for the administration

Nowadays, an administration is a real business with a large and complex management. Often, they have few management tool or even not at all so the administrations have to deal with many factors (planning, availability of resources, ...). When they are equipped, we often face several softwares that don't really communicate together. By using Antopolis, the administration will be able to manage in one and only one and same tool every sectors of activity  as :

  • Procurement, budget, finance and public procurement management;

  • Inventory and material management;

  • Citizen, civil status, population, civic relationship and communal life management;

  • Municipal agents, staff, etc management;

  • Building sites, interventions, heritage management ;

  • Cemetery, public spaces, etc management;

  • Town planning, administrative sanctions, etc management.

  • And many more.

Une application mobile citoyen

Antopolis is intented to the administrations but also for the citizen. The citizen will be able to carry out a series of actions only from his mobile application or from a web portail like : 

  • Déclarer un incident (ex: chute d’un arbre);

  • Demander un document (ex: certificat de bonne vie et moeurs);

  •  Intéragir avec sa commune;

  • ...

illustration de l'application Antopolis

A concrete example

The examples of use are naturally numerous (budget management, document management, HR management, project management, ...) Let's take a concrete case: a road repair project. Today, this kind of building site will appeal to several services, trades, resources, ... Cordinating everything becomes tedious.

By using  Antopolis, everything will be treated in one and same view, the works manager can reserve the resources (human and/or material), trigger a task to the municial agent responsible for the authorizations and monitor the site directly from the interface.

Road workers will be able to use the mobile application to allocate time on the tasks performed and directly impact the site management.

To resume, an optimal management in one and same tool which guaranteed success  for the various construction sites !

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