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10 July, 2017 by
Laura Vandendaul

Odoo Project - World Wilde Fund for Nature

Adept at action based on dialogue and respect for others, the WWF works daily to build a future where Man lives in harmony with nature.  With a network active in more than 100 countries with a total of five million members, our organization is one of the first to have been created to protect nature at the global level.

The project

Given the nature of the project and the technical constraints, it's important to understand and to emphasize the client's needs, which are:

  • Management of flora and fauna

  • Integration with mapping system

  • Mobile application with an offline mode realized by the application MyOdoo

  • Extremely simple user interface

BHC has therefore opted for the implementation of the OpenSource management software Odoo (ERP) in order to be able to use the framework to develop the following specific modules:

  • Reforested land

  • Nursery monitoring

  • Nurseries identification

  • Plantations monitoring

  • Payments monitoring

Wallonia is talking about it!

Famille de singes
BHC et WWF at the service of the Congolese forests
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