The city of tomorrow, a smartcity?
IOT, Opendata, CIRM, ...
18 April, 2019 by
The city of tomorrow, a smartcity?
BHC, Sébastien Dieu

How will look the city of tomorrow ?

Smart City/intelligent city?

Among all these new technologies, we can get lost in them, but in reality what will the city of tomorrow look like? Will our cities really be Smart Cities?

How can new technologies contribute to improving the daily lives of citizens and municipal agents?   What will be the impacts on our daily lives? Intelligent lighting, sensors across the city to collect data,... all this is available nowadays but are our cities equipped or will they be in the near future?

These are all questions that have been open for several years, but is the future really for tomorrow? 


New technologies are now being used in all areas, just take your smartphone and you will realize that we all have one or more applications that make our daily lives easier. For example, the Waze application calculates the optimal route from point A to point B taking into account different constraints (traffic jams, works, accidents, etc.). We can also take as an example, the banking applications that facilitate the processing of our transactions.

In our cities, even if technologies are available, they remain scarce. The administrative procedures and other information relating to our municipalities are still quite paper-based.

The future

All this leads us to ask ourselves what will our city of tomorrow look like?

The latest technological advances and ecological considerations lead us to believe that the city of the future will be a connected, intelligent and citizen-oriented city, taking into account the major challenges of mobility, efficiency, safety, energy and the world of work.

The concept of Smart Cities - connected and sustainable cities - offers a new perspective on cities or municipalities by making it possible to respond to these major challenges.

Antopolis, la plateforme digitale Smartcity

What will be the technological possibilities to meet this challenge? 

We can mention many applications and other technologies, but we will retain the major "families" that will make the city of tomorrow:

  • Iot (Internet of Things)  - via sensors and other technologies capable of collecting and reporting valuable information in the optimization of various resources (lighting, heating, parking,...).

  • Mobile application - just as we have a banking application today, it is very likely that tomorrow we will have a "MyTown" application, with identification (let's mention Itsme), allowing us to carry out all our administrative procedures from our smartphones.

L'application Antopolis sur plusieurs supports

Antopolis Workshop

In order to present technological advances, BHC, a Belgian Smart City expert, proposes to discover the technologies that will make the city of tomorrow during various workshops organized on the following dates:

  • 27 June 2019 at the Maison de la Réunion

Discover the city of tomorrow at a free workshop on June 4 in Mons

 La Maison de l'Entreprise - Boulevard Initialis, 7 in Mons