Salon des Mandataires
8 - 9 February 2017
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Salon des Mandataires
BHC, Sébastien Dieu

"Salon des Mandataires"

Antopolis digital platform for city and town

We told you about it in our article about our presence at the Smart Cities exhibition in Barcelona, BHC will again be present at the representatives' exhibition in order to launch a brand new solution for public administrations (cities, municipalities, CPAS, etc....). As a real integrated tool, our solution aims to optimize the various tasks within the administrations and to enable citizens to really communicate with their municipality and administration for different actions, such as requesting documents.


Nowadays, there is more and more talk of SmartCities, a connected city,... Nevertheless, the situation is obvious in Belgium and more precisely in Wallonia and the Brussels region. The administrations and municipalities have only very rarely hung up the SmartCity concept wagon.

The SmartCities concept is not simply about using technology within a city, but is part of a real dynamic of cities to move towards a sustainable city in order to respond in part to climate change. The smart city thus seeks to reconcile social, cultural and environmental pillars in order to meet the needs of institutions, businesses and citizens.

The concept also aims to respond to elements such as mobility, the tendency of the population to concentrate in large urban centres, the ageing of the population,...

It is therefore not surprising that cities such as New York, Chicago and Dubai have already taken steps to move towards this concept.

Moreover, within our municipalities, there are only a few integrated tools allowing collaboration with the citizen. It is indeed complicated for a citizen to request, for example, a certificate, a document or even to report a problem from a smartphone via a web interface! The citizen must go to the municipality and carry out the procedures directly from the counter.

Launch of a new product

It is therefore with this in mind that BHC decided, more than two years ago, to launch a new fully integrated product based on free software in order to meet the needs of administrations and citizens. Imagine an integrated tool from which the citizen will be able to interact directly with his municipality, an integrated management tool allowing the administration to have all the information in real time for its daily management (e.g. stock management, purchasing, interventions,...).

In the same way, we are adding to Antopolis the possibility of adding concepts such as IoT, with our partner Proximus Enco in particular, in order to collect information in real time from various sensors, such as a school's oil tank, in order to manage automatic re-fuelling.

All these possibilities and much more will be unveiled on February 8 and 9 at the representatives' fair on our stand.  

A citizen mobile application

The icing on the cake is that our new solution will offer a two-tier mobile application; on the one hand for the citizen and on the other hand for the municipality.

The citizen will be able to report an incident, such as a tree falling in front of his house. As soon as the incident is reported, it will be directly created in the back office for the works manager within the administration, who will be able to plan the intervention according to the availability of his teams and the necessary equipment. The citizen will then be informed in real time of the evolution of the incident created.

For administration, the mobile application can be used for many situations such as:

  • intervention management,

  • the score by task on site,

  • the management of tasks to be carried out for road agents,

  • ...

Discover our solution at the Agent Show!

Want to know more? Visit us at the Wex to discover all the possibilities offered by our solution. BHC can also get you some tickets. If you wish, please contact our sales department on 065/33.69.00 or via