Report from the Heart of Hainaut
15 October, 2016 by
Report from the Heart of Hainaut
BHC, Sébastien Dieu

TV Reportage on our mobile app for Odoo, MyOdoo


Reportage Au Coeur du Hainaut ACTV

ACTV has made a TV Reportage on our MyOdoo application, discover it in the video or via the website

For the connected enterprieses discover MyOdoo

BHC has developed a mobile application that allows remote control of everything related to the management of a company, the  MyOdooapplication, a new concept on the ERP market!

Increasingly mobile thanks to mobile devices, entrepreneurs and employees must access their data everywhere and at any time, so the MyOdoo application can manage messages, contacts, expense reports, stocks,..... In short, the possibilities are almost unlimited.

The approach is different from current products on the market, in fact, a series of functionalities related to the use of a smartphone or tablet have been added, such as the possibility of scanning a QRCode or a bar code to directly access the product description, the same for business cards or taking photos for an expense report.

The  Odoo  suite now represents nearly 2,000,000,000 users worldwide, BHC hopes to reach 20% of these users or 400,000 users..

MyOdoo, multiplateform

The Odoo mobile app, MyOdoo is available on all types of devices: smartphone, tablet but also technical devices (scanning gun) and on all OS on the market (Android and IOS).

It will therefore be possible for a salesperson, storekeeper or site worker to work on an ergonomic interface from their workplace, also in offline mode. Indeed, BHC has already set up many applications for different trades:

  • MyOdoo Intervention - allowing the management of the tasks and the encoding by the workers of the information relating to the building site (goods used, time spent,...)

  • MyOdoo Networker - Dedicated mobile application for business clubs facilitating networking and company networking events

  • Stock management - facilitating routes and picking operations in the warehouse.

  • Management of sales representatives and tour managements

  • And much more

Illustration de l'application MyOdoo

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