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25 July, 2017 by
BHC, Administrator

OpenAsset Proximus Odoo

Developed Project by BHC

Customer at BHC for many years, Proximus is a telecom operator that is constantly innovating. In the concept of "Open Assets", which means the opening of certain equipment and infrastructures to the outside world, BHC has developed the Odoo modules which make it very easy to integrate the tool into the Proximus network. sending and receiving SMS, location... and much more to come in the future.

To date, the module allows:

  • Sending SMS : with a simple configuration (login, password, url) each element of Odoo can directly use the function of sending SMS, also simply that the sending of an email. 
    Send SMS at your customer: prospects, suppliers, partners, etc... manually but also automated using templates and the workflow editor for example. Preventing a customer of a delivery? Send a reminder for an appointment? Send a payment reminder? Launch a marketing campaign? Warn a manager of a problem on the production line? All this is now available in Odoo.

  • Receiving SMS : configure a Shortcode (eg 8937) or a normal number, and your clients will be able to send you text messages with one or more specific keywords (for example, yout product name). These messages come directly into Odoo and will be automatically processed by the system based on the rules you've established...

Create an item in Odoo based on a SMS.

As an example : sending an SMS "Pizza 4 cheese" will be able to create in the system a command that you can manage directly, and of course sending a return SMS to the customer to inform him of the delivery...

At the Odoo Experience 2015, we created in live, in just a few minutes, a competition of "Miss Experience 2015". You can review it by clicking in the link below;

Open Asset Proximus Odoo SMS Module - Envoyez des SMS depuis Odoo via le module OpenAsset

By combining sending and receiving SMS you can create flows from the simplest to the most complex, to cover the procedures of your business.

  • Location : by the triangulation of mobile phone antennas you can get the coordinates and display on a map, the postion of a machine, a person, a car, a truck, etc... No need for an expensive smartphone with GPS chip, this feature is available on all devices. The possibilities are innumerable; locate the nearest technician for an intervention, optimize the delivery routes, manage your machine fleet (M2M), control your costs by following your fleet of vehicules, etc...

Based on the same principle, many other possibilities will open soon, and you will be able to directly exploit them from your Odoo solution.