Odoo Customer Case : Glaces Franklin
Discover the BHC's mission for implementing Odoo at Glaces Franklin
27 December, 2021 by
Odoo Customer Case : Glaces Franklin
Julien Belleri
Glaces Franklin - Pots de glace

Glaces Franklin 

Location : Binche, Belgium

Business area : hanworked ice creams without added sugar  

Aim : optimize and automate the manufacturing process to increase performance

Settled solutionOdoo

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Introducing Glaces Franklin

Glaces Franklin   is a team of experts, specialized in handworked ice cream without added sugar.

To respect their philosophy, the ice cream is produced by small batches. There is someone at every step, controlling and testing the ice cream to ensure an absolutely perfect result.

They favor local products and hughlight our terroir.

Glaces Franklin's key words are :

  • Ethic and transparency

  • Human being and environment

  • Passion and exigency

Glaces Franklin - Nutri-score A
                                 Customer Case filmed in the belgian countryside, in the heart of the manufacture of Glaces Franklin                                                                         
Glaces Franklin - Cornet de glace

Which solutions has brought BHC ? 

To manage his activities, our Customer used to work with Excel, phone, and his inventory was physically made. There was a need to centralize everything within a single solution to enable the follow-up with Odoo.

In order to best optimize the work of this company, BHC has implemented the  Odoo  solution and  advised  Glaces Franklin   on the useful modules for the management of their activities.

Primarily, we have implemented the modules Inventory, Purchase & MRP. Thanks to it, the company has now a long term view on its production and a performant monitoring quality.

Odoo modules

Glaces Franklin - Module Achats


Following price requests and order forms based on a  minimum inventory is now a reality for  Glaces Franklin  The module helps our customer doing price requests and allows him to make an internal monitoring that immediatly impact the inventory.

Glaces Franklin - Module Fabrication


From now on, it is possible to  Glaces Franklin  to follow their manufacturing process in real time. This module helps our customer to follow-up the products under manufacture and to control at any time if all the elements are available. This enables a long term view. 

Glaces Franklin - Module Inventaire


Tracking stock movements in real time is now possible for   Glaces Franklin  A full stock reporting is available in the inventory module. It helps our customer to place orders by following the current trends.  It also helps him monitoring each batch of products. 

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