Odoo Customer Case - ABV Development
Intégration Odoo par BHC chez ABV Development
22 March, 2021 by
Odoo Customer Case - ABV Development
Clara Boite

Location : Uccle, Belgium

Buisiness line : Advices / Consultancy 

Number of employees :  35 

Objective : Optimize the company's processes and gain in efficiency

Solution implemented  Odoo   

ABV Development Odoo Case

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ABV Development

Partner in your development projects "Seeing our clients' projects succeed".

This is the objective of the 35 consultants ofABV Development.

Specialized in accompanying companies in their growth, they are the ideal partners for financial optimization and support for investment and innovation. They are also experts in environmental, technical and urban planning studies.


What are the challenges facing ABV Development had to deal with?

Since the birth of ABV Development, The communication processes are done via handwritten documents, as well as with the help of an independent software. A way of working that was far from optimal, which was not very ecological considering the amount of paper used. 

Using Excel for its data, our client did not have automated reporting, nor a view on the progress and profitability of projects.

Environnement -  ABV - Odoo

 Odoo   et BHC pour une solution intégrée 

Following a needs analysis of the company ABV Developmentwe were able to advise our client on the flows to be optimized to facilitate the management and growth of the company

We were able to digitize the following processes: sales, purchasing, invoicing, project management, planning, time and attendance management, employee management, leave and expense reports.

Here are the different modules that we installed at our client's site in order to achieve the mission:



The consultants now clock in and out in real time, so the attendance sheets are automatically written. Each consultant submits his or her time sheet to the manager at the end of the week. This allows the manager to have a direct view on the work done by each employee. Moreover, it is thanks to this tool that the reporting on the profitability of the projects can be so precise


ABV Development has a view on the progress of all the projects in progress thanks to a Gantt type reporting. This vision, which also allows you to be aware of the workload of each consultant, will allow you to better organize and plan their services. 


The professionally designed invoices are created with one click on the basis of the quotations. Thanks to the automatic entry of the types of services as well as the customer files that have been previously saved in the integrated software, the risk of error is practically zero. In addition, payment reminders can now be configured to be sent automatically. 


 Having a CRM tool allows you to follow sales opportunities closely! It is essential for a growing company not to miss a potential prospect. This module allows to manage opportunities in an optimal way. The CRM allows ABV to know in real time the commercial pipe and the actions to be carried out on the various prospects in progress, this CRM thus makes it possible not to miss a single commercial opportunity.

Expense reports 

Each employee is now responsible for entering his or her expense reports into the software. This has the impact of limiting the time of re-encoding but also of being able to charge the expenses to a project and thus impact the profitability of the projects

Vacation management

Requests for vacation and days off are now done in an integrated way. Employees now enter their vacation periods from their smartphone and/or their work computer. The managers can validate or refuse the request in a single view, taking into account the customer's schedule.