MyOdoo, the Odoo mobile application
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MyOdoo, the Odoo mobile application
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The best Odoo application in your pocket

MyOdoo, Odoo mobile App IOS and Android

Nowadays, more and more people are nomadic whether traveling or even seen the nature of work (technicians, workers,...). In this context, having a complete application or even a "business" application represents a real added value and facilitates daily work.

When accessing your ERP ERP, many factors must be taken into account as the graphics, the use of the opportunity to work on the software information, opportunities to achieve reporting,... Indeed, we're talking about accessing your work tool, you business data... and not a single website...

MyOdoo will allow you to act and work with Odoo software as if you were at your desk.  

The application MyOdoo The application MyOdoo can also be adapted to the specific needs of your company and also offers several advantages:

Offline Mode

MyOdoo is the  best Odoo application on smartphone, it has an offline mode on several modules: contacts, messages, notes and activities. Given the technical approach, we can apply the offline mode to all modules of the standard application or to the developments we carry out for our customers.

It is also possible to access to your online records with the search (cf: Contacts). You can also personalize the sync settings to retrieve only the records you need in offline mode.

You can change the recordings recovery deadline or specify the synchronization interval.

The automatic synchronization can also be disabled at your best convenience.

MyOdoo is compatible with the versions of Odoo 7/8/9/10, and soon 11, OCA (Community) and Enterprise.

Furthermore, we can ensure the access for the users regardless of hosting, regardless of whether Odoo is hosted on Odoo SAS, at a cloud provider or even at home.

IOS and Android The application is available on blinds IOS and AndroidThis allows us to cover 99.3%(1) of the mobile market, regardless of the device used. Indeed, we can integrate with all types of mobile devices as long as they have Android or IOS.


The application MyOdoo as standard is designed and thoughtful to meet the needs of users. We take into account, for example, received comments from our users to customize views, add features,... In parallel to this standard approach, the application MyOdoo can be fully customized to meet user expectations more "specific".

We work on the basis of the standard application but we support the customer in order to decide on improvements / adaptations or additions to be made, whether on the design / ergonomics aspect or on the use aspect to make it your best Odoo application. For example, we have carried out complete developments for customers such as Securitas, WWF, Air Liquide,...


Your application Odoo, MyOdoo has a lot of information on which you interact daily, such as a telephone number, an email address,...

MyOdoo allows you to carry out actions on the information of the tool but also to add content related like a photo taking on a site,...

Functional coverage

MyOdoo as standard covers the functionality like Sales, CRM, Notes, Dashboard, Finances, Stocks, Timesheet, Activities and Messages.


In conclusion, yes, Odoo In conclusion, yes, Odoo provides an access to your software from a web browser via a responsive mode of your back office. However, the use will not be as optimal and adapted to the daily life of your teams as with MyOdoo.

If you equip your employees with a mobile device, make sure the interface is also suitable for their use and their expectations. By using MyOdoo, you provide an easy-to-use interface that can be customized to fully meet the expectations of your teams.

[1]By Christophe Auffray - Friday 18th of November 2016


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MyOdoo, Odoo mobile app
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