IOT in Odoo
BHC & Proximus Enco
2 November, 2017 by
IOT in Odoo
BHC, Sébastien Dieu

The Odoo Experience, a must-attend event!

A Proximus Enco/BHC collaboration

At the beginning of October, during the Odoo Experience Days, BHC and Proximus Enco joined forces to demonstrate, in preview, an IOT integration module in the Odoo management software. Based on Lora sensors, this integration makes it possible to meet many customer expectations that have not been covered to date. Discover below the summary of the presentation and possibilities of the IOT within an ERP.

The IOT to improve and automate your business processes?

By integrating the IOT's capabilities into the Odoosuite, BHC and Enco are able to take an important step forward in the world of management software. Indeed, based on LORA sensors, we can now track and send valuable information to companies and other administrations. Functional coverage is extensive and almost unlimited.  Also, during the Odoo Experiment, a simple and concrete case was demonstrated: the management of fuel tanks. 

Use case: Oil tank management

The concept is as follows: LORA sensors send information on the filling rate of the fuel tank directly to Odoo. On the basis of a determined level, we can then trigger actions within the ERP: stock, CRM, marketing,...

Indeed, imagine the possibilities offered by this integration, the oil retailer can directly send a marketing action based on a filling level, administrations can manage the supply of oil tanks for schools, sports halls,... and all this in an integrated way!

Using IOT to improve and automate your business processes is now possible.

IoT sur Odoo aux Odoo experience days

Concrètement, comment cela fonctionne?

      BHC et Proximus

      BHC and Proximus Enco worked on the basis of the respective APIs of the two solutions in order to recover the information from the LORA sensors. In the specific case of the Odoo Experience, "oil tanks", a Lopy device was used to measure the level of the tank. The device was directly on-boarded on the Proximus Enco platform and on the Proximus LoRaWAN network in Sensor as a Service. We also equipped the Lopy with an ultrasonic sensor to convert the oil level to a percentage.

      Translated with

      Once the information is retrieved, it is entered into the corresponding modules in Odoo. In the case of the oil tank, it is the stock module that has been linked, and then triggers standard actions such as supplies, deliveries, etc.

      Odoo en standard

      Use Odoo as standard

      You can use the IOT module without having to create specific features in Odoo. Indeed, for the specific case of the oil tank, BHC has made it a point of honour to work on Odoo standards for trigger actions and alerts.

      It is therefore on the standard modules, stock, purchases and deliveries that we have based our demo

      Relive the IOT presentation in Odoo