Consultant labeling "Expert" in digital transformation
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12 April, 2018 by
Consultant labeling "Expert" in digital transformation
BHC, Sébastien Dieu

Dicover the new support in Wallonia

BHC becomes approved company "chèque entreprise"

Approved training cheque, Walloon Region or signatory of the ETIC charter, it was essential for BHC (partner Odoo and Gsuite)  to have the  "company cheque" label ! Since the beginning of the month, BHC has been certified as anExpert in Digital Transformation that  BHC has been certified. In addition to a guarantee of quality and reliability, our customers will be able to benefit from the assistance provided by Wallonia.

The context

Between 2000 and 2014, the number of companies in Wallonia increased by 44%, representing a net creation of nearly 31,000 companies. This positive situation creates important challenges for Wallonia: boosting the growth of these companies, increasing their average size and continuing to encourage the creation of new companies.

Simplifying, clarifying and improving the readability and visibility of Walloon public procedures and structures, procedures and public aid, while making the administration more proactive in its dealings with entrepreneurs, this is the ambition of the Walloon Small Business Act 2015-2019.

Objective achieved! Since March 2017, training, advisory and coaching support for Walloon entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs has been simplified and digitised in a single point of contact. They are now referred to as "company cheques".

The reform

An integrated portfolio of training, consulting and coaching support, accessible through a single virtual window. Dedicated to supporting the creation of activity, innovation, growth and internationalisation of Walloon companies, support for training, advice and coaching are now gathered in an integrated portfolio composed of thematic company vouchers accessible via the portal

The aid is intended to promote entrepreneurship or growth. They must make it possible to generate added value for the Walloon economy, in particular in terms of: job creation or maintenance, development of the production of innovation goods or services.

These vouchers make it possible to finance services linked to the needs of the business creator or the company, its degree of development and maturity: business creation, innovation, digitisation, internationalisation, transmission. This new aid scheme integrates and, in some cases, replaces old mechanisms such as: business creation training vouchers, pre-activity grants, innovation grants, consulting service grants, e-business integration grants, technology vouchers, intellectual property vouchers, energy audits or business transfer grants...

The electronic portfolio is a dematerialized electronic payment method used to pay, via electronic cheques, for services provided by service providers to promote entrepreneurship or growth.

How does it work?

The introduction of the file 

Chèque Entreprise BHC

2ème étape : la clôture du dossier

Chèque Entreprise BHC

For your company?

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Chèque Entreprise BHC

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