BHC @ Odoo Experience Days
BHC @ Odoo Experience Days
27 September, 2017 by
BHC @ Odoo Experience Days
BHC, Sébastien Dieu

Odoo Experience Days

BHC Odoo Gold Partner

For the fifth consecutive year, BHC will be the main sponsor of the world event, the Odoo Experience Days, a true great mass for the community Odoo.

BHC, Partner N°1 Odoo

Partner since 2006, BHC is one of the oldest and most renowned Odoo  integrators in the world, so it is essential for our teams to be present during the 3 days that will bring together more than 2,500 people at the Aula Magna in Louvain-la-Neuve. In addition to the presentation of 4 talks, our collaborators will also be able to discover the new features of version 11 of Odoo and participate in the presentation sessions of the latest developments made by our colleagues. The discovery of these new features will also allow us to better advise our customers in their project.

Why go there?

Odoo represents the largest ERP community in the world, for 3 days, this community will be present to expose, exchange and share their developments and customer projects. As a Gold Partner, it is therefore a matter of course for BHC to participate in this event.

Our customers and partners are also invited to participate in talks and other sessions because they are also actively involved in contributing to and improving the OpenSource tool.  In addition, this great mass allows our customers and partners to experience the power of the community that supports the Odoo editor in the constant development of new features.

BHC Talks

This year we will focus on 3 sessions combining customer development, an R&D project and the promotion of our mobile application Odoo, MyOdoo.

  •  Fergus Tuomey from Yvolution will present the Odoo EDI Integration project and retailers such as Walmart, ToysRus,....

  • Bertrand Hanot, CEO BHC, will highlight the IOT Odoo integration project carried out in partnership with Proximus Enco BVBA

  • Jonathan Vanhumbeek, BHC, will demonstrate a customer case (CRM) based on the Odoo mobile application, MyOdoo.

Fun and exchanges

Odoo Experiences days is also fun and a lot of exchanges during events, lunches and other concerts.

Do you want to participate?

BHC, main sponsor of the Odoo Experience Days can offer tickets for these partners, if you wish to participate in this global event, contact us directly via