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Telephony and collaboration in the CLOUD
5 July, 2019 by
BHC - AlloCloud Partner
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Telephony in the teleworking

Most employees today have a smartphone; either the one provided by their employer or their own mobile phone. This makes it easy to be reachable, even when working from home. But how do you know who to call, why, and when? Even for smaller companies it can be very difficult to quickly answer these questions..

In addition, if your customers (suppliers, partners) call the official number of the company that will get it ?

The principle of deviation/redirection can quickly become hell! The customer who calls the general number of the company is redirected to a private smartphone, on which you don't pick up the phone because it's just the "wrong time". To make matters worse, your employee has forgotten to change his message on his very personal and original (private) answering machine. Imagine your customers' faces on the other end of the phone???

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VOIP for a optimised teleworking !

For companies equipped with VOIP (Voice Over IP, i.e. a digital telephony service that transits via the Internet), telecommuting is much simpler! The telephone set can be used anywhere, so at your employee's home too! The option of taking your telephone set from the office and connecting it to your home seems very interesting and simple.

Once the operation has been performed, that's often where the problem occurs: it doesn't light up. This is because most VOIP telephones work with what is known as PoE (Power Over Ethernet), i.e. they do not need an external power supply, but the power is supplied via the network cable. That's great! Except that in your home, your router or switch will most likely not provide this service. So you need to add an external power supply, which you don't have, and most likely your employer doesn't.

Don't panic! Cloud telephony or VoIP has many advantages, and one of them is being able to use a "SoftPhone". A softphone is just like a regular phone, except that it is a simple application to install on your computer that will play exactly the same role as your regular phone.


The big advantage of VOIP and Softphone is that you'll be in exactly the same environment at home as you are at work, so callers won't realize you're not at your desk. And above all, you don't have to worry about anything!!!

Your company's administrators can also remotely modify all telephony configurations to adapt them to the circumstances.

For example, placing a special message on the IVR, setting up rotating guard systems according to each person's schedule, or even connecting the phone directly to applications in order to directly take customer orders, requests or provide information.

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BHC become Allocloud Partner

Telephony and collaboration in the CLOUD

Present on the market for  more than 20 years as an IT partner BHC expands its range of solutions by becoming a partner Allocloud.

Allocloud is for  all companies that want to save nearly 80% on their phone bill by using state-of-the-art collaboration tools (VOIP).  The solutions offered are extensive and include, for a fixed monthly price:

  • Advanced telephony - Voice Over IP
  • Personalized messaging
  • Video conferencing system
  • Virtual fax machine
  • Voice server
  • Unique number and international numbers
  • Cloud collaboration tool
  • And many other solutions

In addition, Allocloud telephony can be fully integrated with Odoo software, BHC partner GOLD, can therefore offer you a complete implementation of management software and telephony solution.
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Stay easily connected, anywhere, anytime

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Save up to 80% on your phone bills.