Antopolis, a busy news story
Exhibition - Nomination and Workshop
21 August, 2019 by
Antopolis, a busy news story
BHC, Sébastien Dieu
In September, Antopolis makes the headlines!

3 dates to remember

Digital platform for cities and public administrations, Antopolis the innovative product launched by BHC is making noise for the new school year. Indeed, it is not one but three important dates to remember : on September 12, for a Smart Governance workshop  held jointly with  UPCityexperts, on September 24 at the Wex de Marche-en-Famenne for the SmartCity in Wallonia exhibition, and finally a few weeks later at the Espace Magnun in Colfontaine, for its nomination among the Walloon Innovations.

Illustration de l'application mobile Antopolis

In September, Antopolis makes the headlines!

Launched at the beginning of 2018 during the salon des mandataires, Antopolis,is the ultimate integrated tool for cities and public administrations. Based on a renowned and well-known OpenSource framework, the intelligent solution is intended to be flexible, scalable and adaptable to the expectations of our cities and their citizens.

Web-based, the platform allows, among other things, to bring citizens and their administration closer together via collaborative tools (mobile application, citizen portal, web interface, integrated messaging tool...).

Finally, Antopolis also makes it possible to reduce the number of paper documents by digitising many processes such as managing event requests, monitoring interventions, digitising administrative procedures, etc. and managing cemeteries.

Discover all the possibilities offered by the digital platform for administrations on the websiteAntopolis

Workshop - Smart Governance and Digital Tools

Smart Governance and its digital tools have become major challenges for cities and their administrations. The objective? Bringing public power closer to the citizen and his or her new lifestyle by promoting communication, participation and consultation.

In this context of technological acceleration and behavioural change, many questions are emerging. 

  • What strategy should be implemented?
  • Which digital tools to choose? 
  • How to bring the citizen and his community closer together?
  • How to promote the success of citizen projects?
The experts from UPcity and Antopolis provide you with concrete answers during a free breakfast workshop to answer these questions.     

Antopolis Smart Gouvernance
le stand BHC durant le salon Smartcity
Trade Fair - SmartCity Wallonia

On September 24th, it is during the SmartCity Wallonia exhibition that you will be able to meet Antopolis' experts. Indeed, the digital platform is totally in line with the Smart Cities movement.

In addition to connected objects, IOTs and intelligent solutions, digitisation is in line with the concept of reducing the ecological impact of our cities on the environment. 

Various presentations will take place on our stand, in particular in terms of paperless (digitisation of event requests), Internet of things (various sensors allowing optimal management within the city) or a citizen portal facilitating administrative procedures.
Walloon innovations

The innovation fair is a series of conferences, Walloon innovations in the spotlight (more than 50 innovative companies) and a friendly walking dinner to discuss innovations and entrepreneurs. 

For the second consecutive year, Antopolis is nominated as a Walloon Innovation!  This year, the show will take place at Espace Magnun in Colfontaine.
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