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Customer Case
18 August, 2017 by
ACES Group
BHC, Administrator

Odoo Integration - Facility manegement

The aces service center brings together the skills of two complementary companies and engages nearly 110 employees : 

Acheco: an external audit service and analyze your overheads and business investments to detect a potentially cost-saving items, without wasting time by (re)negotiating the purchases that are not part of your core business.

Clair-Office Clair-Office : a family business with 40 years of experience in cleaning and facilitation services for business and public services: the manager of your professional living environment.

The project:

Active in various fields, it was imperative for the ACES group to have an integrated but also very flexible management solution in order to respond to the different business constraints of each of the group's entities.

The main challenge is to allow the different employees to use the ERP while taking into account their attributions: surface technician(s), manager, reception,....

The second important point was to avoid multi-encoding linked to the 4 structures and to allow the identification in the CRM the potentials "cross selling".

The difficulties encountered were therefore::

  • multi encoding

  • cross companies communication

  • encoding task on the field

We therefore used different Odoo modules but also adapted our mobile application Odoo MyOdoo IOS and Android) in order to meet the customers requirements

Words of the client: 

"Odoo combined with the experience of our partner BHC allow us to have a complete management software for our company