A smartcity at "salon des mandataires"
Au Salon des Mandataires
9 February, 2019 by
A smartcity at "salon des mandataires"
BHC, Sébastien Dieu

A smartcity at the "salon des mandataires"

Antopolis, digital platform for cities and administration 

On February 14 and 15, BHCBelgian Smart City expert had the pleasure of being present at the annual major event of the Walloon public sector, the 14th edition of the representatives' fair. This exhibition brings together all the actors of Walloon life.

In this context, BHC has set itself a challenge: to support cities and administrations in their various ambitious and innovative Smart Cities projects. We found that the public sector aims to put the citizen back at the centre of their concerns by improving their internal processes but also by getting closer to their citizens. Consequently, for the second year in a row, we went to the representatives' lounge to meet and discuss with representatives of the region's administrations and cities. The various discussions reinforced the observation that we had already been able to identify a few months ago.
Représentants de BHC au salon des mandataires devant une maquette en légo
Une ville entièrement construite en légo


Very few of our small and medium-sized administrations have an integrated management tool  that allows both optimal management of the various services and collaboration with the citizen.

The citizen has few real possibilities to communicate with his administration, the administrative procedures for requesting the various documents remain, to date, cumbersome and constraining for both parties.

Nowadays, the request for a simple document such as a copy of a certificate of good conduct often forces citizens to go to the counter of their administration.

While the concept of Smart Cities is now real and applicable in many cities such as Barcelona, New York, Las Vegas, Amsterdam,... Our cities still have to take the plunge to meet the criteria of connected cities that want to be smarter but also more ecological (reduction in the number of documents sent, intelligent lighting, reduction in consumption,...).

Stand BHC | Antopolis au salon des mandataires


The Antopolis solution is a suite of Smart Cityoriented applications, this E-governance software offers an all-in-one management of an intelligent city by bringing together all their services around a single database. These softwares are already widely used in our companies to improve their operations. Its main strengths are to avoid redundant information and unnecessary encoding, improve internal coordination, facilitate decision-making through a 360° vision and thus improve productivity.

Antopolis features

Public works and green space management

This module allows you to manage your resources (human and material), plan your work sites, assign tasks and check that they have been carried out correctly in an integrated tool. The agents in the field will be able for example to receive the tasks to be carried out, take pictures once it is finished,... By using Antopolis, you will be able to organize occasional worksites (repairs, refurbishments,...) but also recurring works (maintenance, tours,...).

Event management

The request for an event in our municipalities is often a cumbersome and restrictive administrative procedure (paper form). By using Antopolis, the citizen can complete the online form (reduction of re-encoding time by the agent) and the agent can directly interact on demand and improve processing (deploy resources, analyze feedback,...) Creating events has never been easier! In short, an integrated event request management system.

Municipal management

A computerized, simple and intuitive internal management. Antopolis allows a complete management of the municipal administration: document management by being paperless, personnel management, organisation of deliberations, recruitment, planning,... and many other aspects.

Cemetery management

Cinéma construit en légo

L’application de The cemetery management application automates traditional flows such as payment and reminders of concessions, and the management of the layout via geolocation of graves within it. The creation of tasks is automated according to execution needs.

Inventory management and fleet management

With a few clicks, find out the stock level or availability of one or more useful resources for a construction site / trip.

IOT integration

On the basis of sensors, it is possible to integrate connected objects in your city. For example, we could place a sensor in an oil tank in a school. Once the filling level drops below a defined level, the tool can program a replenishment of fuel oil.

Citizen Application

Connected to the city of Antopolis and intended for administrations but also for citizens. The citizen will be able to carry out a whole series of actions via a citizen mobile application:

  • Report an incident (e. g. falling a tree);

  • Ask for a document (e.g. a certificate of good conduct);

  • Interact with your municipality;

All actions initiated at the mobile application level are integrated into the management tool of the various departments, which will communicate a follow-up of the completion of tasks.

Cimetière construit en légo | stand BHC au salon des mandataires