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8 November, 2018 by
20 years BHC
BHC, Sébastien Dieu

BHC celebrates its 20th anniversary

Midi Business Synergy

On October 19, 2018, BHC celebrated its 20th anniversary in good company. Indeed, the 20 years of BHC were organized as part of the midi business Synergie, a well-known business club in the Montpellier region. More than 150 people were able to celebrate our anniversary, synonymous with stability and expertise in a market of IT solutions for companies. BHC presented its activities organized into 3 poles : enterprise solutions (ERP, management software,...), mobile applications (MyOdoo) and our infrastructure and networks pole (IT asset management, GSuite,...).

It was in January 1998 that BHC was created by Bertrand Hanot. A young graduate in business IT, and after a very short experience as a consultant in a large international IT services company, he decided to create a human-scale business, closer to customers, with a strong focus on innovation and consulting.

The first projects were mainly carried out for very large companies, and at the beginning of the 2000s he decided to share the experience acquired by SMEs and local administrations with the largest ones while adapting the offer to the means, needs and specificities of the smallest structures. The SME offer is then mainly limited to consultancy, network infrastructures and support. At the same time, software development projects continue to grow, but always particularly for the largest companies and institutions; the offer was still not well adapted for SMEs at that time. However, since there are many similarities from one project to another, the company is beginning to reuse rather than systematically redevelop. In 2005, a strategic change was implemented to offer an offer based on a common standard and to add only the layer specific to each company or sector of activity.

L'offre de logiciel de gestion intégrée est alors enfin accessible aux PME et petites administrations, alors que les plus grandes peuvent profiter à présent de délais de mise en oeuvre beaucoup plus courts et une couverture fonctionnelle beaucoup plus large et innovante.

First based on Compiere, then on TinyERP which will become OpenERP and today Odoo, BHC is becoming internationally renowned and one of the leaders in this market.

In 2012, BHC launched the MyOdoomobile application, based on its nearly 15 years of experience in mobile development and thus responding to the mobility and flexibility challenge faced by companies.

And this year,as the company celebrates its 20th anniversary, it is launching a new suite of Antopolis integrated applications of Antopolis, dedicated to public administrations, a solution that has already been acclaimed by many administrations and citizens.

Starting from nothing 20 years ago (not from a garage, but from a small server in an attic), the company, now located in the Initialis Science Park, now has nearly 20 employees, many customers of all sizes around the world, and has a very optimistic future, particularly through the many investments and innovations launched in recent years.

For 20 years, collaboration with our partners has been part of our DNA and it is therefore in joy and good humour that we closed the event in the hope of celebrating our 30, 40 and even 50 years with even more partners.

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